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No matter the number of users or teams. We built Kiki to put a little kindness and compassion out into the world. It's our way of trying to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been working from home for years. Even then, we were unprepared for how different it’d feel as we shifted our routines to protect ourselves and the ones we love from the coronavirus. Mandated work from home isn’t the same, and it means that the routines that we’ve built up also have to change. We realized there are teams around the world that are not only experiencing being remote for the first time, but also under an extraordinary situation. A "kiki" is a joyous gathering to share stories, with the phrase coming from the queer ballroom scene. We built Kiki to help teams do the same, weaving in the strategies we’ve learned over the years and the research we’ve been doing to help build resilience in a trying time.

We appreciate the offer! If you'd like to support, one of our favourite organizations is LGBT Youth Line, which provides peer-to-peer support for youth in Ontario. Learn about them at, and please consider making a donation!

To get started with Kiki, you need the ability to install the app to your Slack workspace. You'll be creating your first check-in within minutes.

Perhaps in the future! We're always open to hearing how to improve Kiki and make it a more helpful experience.

Please send an email and we can help get a security questionnaire filled out.

Still have questions? Send us an email