Check-ins for teams working remotely

In these extraordinary times, we’re all adapting to new ways of working. Kiki is here to help! Kiki helps teams perform regular check-ins and easily share responses. It's 100% free-to-use, and quick to get started.

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How Kiki works ✨

Each day brings its own challenges. Kiki faciiltates daily check-ins through Slack enable teams to better support one another, and to become stronger and more resilient, and improves productivity.

Choose which team members participate in the Kiki

If you have a large team, you can choose smaller groups to create a Kiki. Customizable to fit your team's needs.


Every day, participants get a check-in of five questions

The questions are backed in research that guide conversations around how they're doing, and it's completely optional!

Results are posted into a team channel

These responses are shared in the team channel so everyone can learn how to be there for each other more easily.


Easy-to-install with a single click

We built Kiki to be user-friendly. You don't need more stress in your day: get started on your first Kiki within minutes.

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Build a stronger team with Kiki